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Late Summer Creations Winner!

Late Summer Creations Winner!


of Once Upon a Frame; Solana Beach, CA


Yael’s ultra custom Prisma Rays design was selected as the winner of our Late Summer Bella Creations Contest.

Yes Virginia, that is a real Rembrandt! The story goes that this etching was stolen by the Nazis in WWII and then later traded away for a watch. Long time art collecting customers of Once Upon a Frame came across it privately but assure it has been authenticated by museum experts.

When the Rembrandt came in to Yael it was in an antique arch-top wooden frame. The client was interested in displaying the piece in something that still evoked the period but didn’t look like it belonged in Grandma’s house.

Prisma presented itself as as a modern frame option which still allowed for an arch top to conform to the shape of the print. Yael thought the juxtaposition of the old and the new was delicious and her client was on board with Yael’s assertion that this was the “ballsy” choice for framing a Rembrandt.

Several Prisma pattern options and colors were considered but the final design choice was the Rays pattern painted Sawdust and Champagne. There is something intriguing about the way the Rays pattern almost mimics the light that would have radiated off of a traditional gold leaf frame of the period.

Yael found it thrilling and nerve-wracking to work with a museum quality masterwork. The print is floating between two pieces of Optium acrylic and linen-wrapped 8 ply matting. It did take a lot of patience on the part of the client to wait for all the questions, templates and design back and forth on this uber-custom Prisma design, but they absolutely loved the end result.

 Yael has used Prisma for framing pieces like a Damian Hurst and a family photo gallery wall in all in clear frames which brings the wallpaper into the picture. She loved this opportunity to design something truly unique and special. Yael says “Sometimes the art walks in and the only option is PRISMA!”

Congratulations to Yael who is the third entry this year in the grand prize contest for a free trip to WCAF Vegas in January 2019! Watch our Facebook page for the final Creations contest round to be announced in November. The Grand Prize round will be announced for poplular vote in December. Snap some pics of that special Bella Moulding or Prisma Frame project and be sure to enter. You could be the next winner!

Until then, happy framing!



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