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Early Summer Creations Winner!

Early Summer Creations Winner!



EarlySummerCreations WINNER.jpg

Austin's ultra custom design using the Bella Pastilles line was selected as the winner of our Spring Bella Creations Contest. Lionheart lives by the mantra, "Your art is not boring. Your frames shouldn't be either."

This print "Snakes and Pears" by illustrator Eleanor Davis belongs to a very loyal client who travels 3 hours roundtrip just to frame with Austin. She trusts his creativity and ability to design highly custom framing that reflects and enhances the personality of the art. 

This is not the first design Austin has created for a customer by painting the Bella Pastilles to match the art. He says the circle and squiggle motif easily lend themselves to customizing. A quick look at the Lionheart Framing website shows that they are experts at creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces for their clients. 

Here are just three examples showing Lionheart's very specialized and unique hand-painting applied to both the matting and/or framing. No wonder customers love them. When it comes to finding the perfect creative design solution - the sky is the limit!

Congratulations to Austin who is the second entry this year in the grand prize contest for a free trip to WCAF Vegas in January 2019! Watch our Facebook page for the fall Creations contest round to be announced in September. Snap some pics of that special Bella Moulding or Prisma Frame project and you could be the next winner!

Until then, happy framing!



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