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Creations of 2018

Creations of 2018


Congrats to Lauren Owens of Frames Unlimited in Charleston, whose whimsical rainbow penguins won our Fall Creations round and the 2018 Bella Creations Contest Grand Prize!  A huge thanks to every single one of you who participated - entry submitters and voters alike!

A round of applause for the three other grand prize entries. It was a very tight race to the finish.

If it were up to us, everyone would be a winner, but every quarter only one can be voted champion. We had over 40 fabulous entries this year which all deserve a high-five and/0r fist bump.  Let's take a look below at some of our 2018 favorites - separated by Prisma Frame entries and Bella Moulding entries.

HONORABLE MENTION PRISMA FRAME ENTRIES (hover to see the designer's name):

HONORABLE MENTION BELLA FRAME ENTRIES (hover to see the designer's name):

The next Creations Contest round will be coming up in the spring. The best way to submit a winning entry is to get a clear, high-resolution picture of your piece on a neutral background and then be sure to share your submission with all your family, friends and customers so you get the most votes! Besides winning free product, this is a great opportunity for a little self-promotion. Get some other good contest tips here.

We look forward to hosting Lauren at the upcoming WCAF 2019 in Las Vegas. We'd love to see as many of you there as possible too. We'll be presenting over 80 new Bella items and exciting new Prisma colors and patterns - which will be perfect for all your creative 2019 Bella Creations entries!

Happy Framing New Year and see most of you in a few weeks!!

Fall Creations Winner!

Fall Creations Winner!