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New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 5

New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 5

Welcome to the exciting Winter 2019 new collections launch! We debuted 8 completely new lines plus an expansion to the existing Aida collection at the WCAF in January. With basic golds and silvers, refined barn woods and extreme gilded ornate, there’s something for everyone in the launch. There are lots of new custom framing options you can have on hand to thrill your customers.

The last two collections are vintage modern. Introducing Scout and new additions to Aida.


“To be prepared is half the victory.”     - Miguel De Cervantes


And a good scout is always prepared! We hope you are prepared to love these frames. Scout has a modern block shape with rugged texture in a warm vintage palette. This collection could be called rustic, but it’s more of a sophisticated glamping kind-of rustic than what you may remember from your own boy or girl scout campfire adventures.

Besides our old scouting uniforms, the colors of this collection remind us of vintage grain sacks which have made a comeback as a decor trend. Incorporating French grain sacks into the home as linens, upholstery or even artwork creates a look that is quintessentially “Rustic Chic”. Our Scout would be equally at home in a farmhouse, lake house, or modern city loft.

Scout is made in Italy from finger-joined spruce and comes in a block profile in two sizes. The finish is a water-based stain over a random embossed track like pattern. The natural grain of the wood is still visible which creates interest as the color varies through the texture and grain. If you look very closely, the finger-joining can be seen here or there, but is hard to detect if not almost completely invisible due to the embossed pattern.


Scout makes the perfect kitchen frame but let’s not stop there. Use Scout on nature photographs, botanical prints, maps and vintage collections of all sorts. Your customers are going to love it. Scout’s honor!

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Aida, the four-act opera by Giuseppe Verdi set in Egypt, was first performed in 1871 and currently ranks at number 12 on the world-wide list of most performed operas. The classic love triangle story is set inside the palace of the pharaoh and temples of the Egyptian gods.

With Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in the 1790s, Egyptian motifs became all the rage in interior style. From the early 1900s as the pyramids were excavated, the Suez Canal was constructed and Verdi’s opera premiered, to embrace “Egyptomania” was to be at the height of chic and exotic.


Our Aida collection carries on this orientalist theme with style of ornament and a Mesopotamian color palette. We have added two profiles to the existing collection, a small beaded scoop and an ornate classic acanthus swan shape. These pair well with antique maps, vintage botanicals and portrait photography.


The frames have an accented lip in either silver or gold leaf. All of the Aida, including the original intro cap and scoop profiles below, are hand-finished with a final wax coat that creates a velvety rich depth of color. Embrace your inner diva and frame it like you mean it.

Now you’ve seen all the new Bella. Watch for much more new 2019 Bella and Prisma coming soon. As always, contact our helpful customer service staff with inquiries and requests.

Happy framing!

Spring Creations Winner!

Spring Creations Winner!

New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 4

New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 4