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New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 4

New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 4

Welcome to the exciting Winter 2019 new collections launch! We have 8 completely new lines plus an expansion to the existing Aida collection. With basic metallics, refined barn woods and extreme gilded ornate, there’s something for everyone in the launch. In the coming weeks we're showing you all the new options you can have on hand to thrill your customers.

For inspiration for today’s two collections, we look to the heavens. Introducing Celeste and Aurora.


“Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.”  ~ Marcel Proust


For frames like no other, the Celeste collection combines an angular almost Mid-Century profile, a cloudy ethereal texture and an airy pastel palette. Don’t worry. To find these heavenly frames you won’t have to go to that big frame shop in the sky. You can order them right here on earth.

Celeste is washed in a soft color palette taken from the ethereal freedom in the works of Fragonard and exuberant cherubic ceilings of the Rococo Age. The pastel palette connects today with the still prolific Millenium Pink trend and more recent trends for using pastels as neutrals and classical romantic imagery appearing in modern artwork and interior design.

The Celeste collection is six items with a Mid-Century Modern angled profile available in three colors and two widths. The finish is an oxidized sterling silver leaf washed with a soft pink, aqua and lavender. The textural effect and quality of finish are the same as has come to be expected with some of our other hand-finished collections like the Luna and Raku. The hand work and leaf lines may show and the oxidation process will, by nature, cause variation throughout the stick.


The silver inner lip reflects light to brighten any work, while the subtle washes of color recede causing the framed image to float away from the wall. The movement in the hand-finishing plays perfectly with the texture, variations of tone and brushwork in oils, acrylics and watercolor.


We find Celeste to be a match made in heaven with travel treasures, diplomas, Ketubahs, cloudy dreamy paintings, and vintage pieces ranging from Victorian to Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern.

View the full Celeste collection here.

Be inspired by Celeste on Pinterest.


The north! the north! from out the north
What founts of light are breaking forth,
And streaming up these evening skies,
A glorious wonder to our eyes!

- Hannah Flagg Gould, "The Aurora Borealis"


The aurora borealis is one of the most stunning light shows on Earth on view for hardy souls living at the coldest edges of the world. The Vikings thought it was a road to the Gods and Native Americans believed the lights were the dancing spirits of their departed friends.

This celestial lava lamp is actually caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that collide with gases in the earth’s atmosphere around the magnetic poles. Different gases produce different colors and effects. Witnessing this heavenly show in person should be on everyone’s bucket list and a great place to go for the aurora experience is Iceland.

The Icelandic landscape is a magical land of ice caves, crater lakes, lava flows and windswept terrain. Icelandic interior design is in contrast quite simple. Perhaps this tendency is a natural result of the stark landscapes that can be reminiscent of other planets – endless sea, sky, and snow or green. 

The Icelandese embrace simple natural design elements that create warmth and texture — like sheepskin throws or rugs, warm woolen textiles, fuzzy pillows and soft, natural colors. Objects with tactility and a natural touch are very humanizing - a desired effect in the harsh arctic that can also appeal to the rest of us in warmer climates and give respite from our everyday digital overload.

In honor of Iceland, the Aurora is a simple design. Our Aurora frames are machine made in Italy in five color ways and two profiles - a square block and a tall cap. Laid over a subtle gesso texture, these metallic finishes will shift in color depending on how the light hits them and what they are reflecting back with a shimmer not unlike the northern lights.


Aurora looks out of this world on…..well, so far we haven’t found anything that doesn’t look good in the Aurora. It’s just a simple cap frame but it’s so much more. It’s dressy yet casual. It’s plain but has a distinctive texture. It’s got a luminosity and movement that is mysterious and intriguing not unlike the phenomenon of the northern lights.


We’re almost done! Watch for the last of the new Bella collections and then learn what’s new with Prisma for 2019. As always, contact our helpful customer service staff with inquiries and requests.

Happy framing!


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