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New Photo Frames for 2017

New Photo Frames for 2017

Photo Frames offer an additional revenue stream for any frame shop and make a great impulse or gift purchase for customers. Everybody is talking about it. They save time and money and often are the “save the sale” frame option for last minute shoppers. Bella and Prisma ready-mades can add panache to your offerings. In addition to great style, our frames pass a quality inspection for tight joins and imperfections and are outfitted with UV glass and archival materials - all selling points that have discerning retail customers asking for them by brand name.

We’re proud to release some great new additions as well as an updated print catalog for 2017. Jax and Indus are additions to the FRESH Bella collection. Brancusi and Marcello are additions to the FINE Bella collection which includes 8ply matting. And by popular request we now offer our crystal acrylic double-sided Priti Prisma frame in a true 5x7.


This fun and sporty little design is perfect for work or play and comes in four colorways. Jax frames are Koto wood with an embossed accent reminiscent of needlework and cross-stitch.

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See how to play with “Jax” on our Pinterest page.


The popular Indus collection, introduced in 2015, has inspired a new mini version which makes a perfect photo frame. The four hand-finished earthy colors and textural grooves feel like a long river transporting us to a Tibetan temple deep in the Himalayas. This line is not limited to but particularly suited for travel photography. 

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See the Indus look book on our Pinterest board


Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi was considered a pioneer of modernism. His art emphasizes clean geometrical lines and symbolic representations of natural forms. These hand-finished Italian frames are timeless and well-suited for vintage or modern photography. The futuristic bright platinum and gold finishes radiate while the Nero finish is a softer black like artist’s charcoal.   

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See the Brancusi look book on our Pinterest board


Our Marcello photo frames are vintage mod in tones inspired by the romantic flickering of black and white cinema. Much like their namesake, Marcello Mastroianni, the frames in this collection have a classic Italian sense of style that endures time. These four beaded beauties, tiny copies of a larger profile introduced in 2016, are great for portrait photography.

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See the Marcello look book on our Pinterest board


Prisma had a large introduction of new items in the summer of 2016. If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to look into Circa, Chantilly, and Risa.  This round, we are adding by popular request a new size in the Crystal acrylic Priti frame. Priti frames are double-sided acrylic blocks held together with strong rare earth magnets. The new size blocks are 6" x 8" to accommodate a 5 x 7 photograph with float area.  

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artist frame 11 165083_small.jpg

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New Bella 2017 (Part 1)

New Bella 2017 (Part 1)

Bella Creations Winner – 2016 Grand Prize

Bella Creations Winner – 2016 Grand Prize