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Design, View, Sell. Preview Any Configuration Of Prisma Frame With The New Prisma Visualizer!

Design, View, Sell. Preview Any Configuration Of Prisma Frame With The New Prisma Visualizer!

Selling Prisma Frames just got a whole lot easier! We are thrilled to introduce you to the Prisma Visualizer Program. After months of planning and development, this innovative design tool is now LIVE!!

The Prisma Visualizer can help take the mystery out of “what will this look like?” and give customers a much better idea of the final product’s completed look. While nothing can take the place of the beauty and dimension of a real Prisma Frame, this revolutionary tool can help bridge the gap from the chips to the true finished frame! It is important to remember the Prisma Visualizer is not meant to replace the use of corner samples and color chips at the design counter. Screen colors and resolution will vary so it is best to get ultimate design approval from viewing the chips for the final design selection.

You’ll find the Visualizer in the Prisma menu in the navigation bar.

Step 1 walks you through selecting the physical attributes of the frame including size, face width, depth of acrylic, frame profile style, and the outside shape of the frame. As you make your selections, an image of the frame will be built in real time!

In Step 2, you select from our 45 colors and put them in location (field, lip, or pattern). Select from our two acrylic types (Crystal Clear or Sea) and add texture or graphic elements with one of our 18 patterns.

Step 3 will allow you to really show the client what the finished piece will be by allowing you to add artwork or a picture inside the Prisma Frame design. You can upload your own image file or pull an image in from a web address.

At any point in the visualization process, you can return to steps 1, 2 or 3 to make revisions and sample other combinations and effects. There are literally millions of possibilities!

When you arrive at a design you are excited about, you can then email an image of the completed design and all the frame specifications to yourself or a customer. A retail customer will have the ability to use the tool to pre-shop the Prisma brand and will be armed with all the information they need to find an authorized Prisma Frames Retail store to place the order.

If you are already an authorized Prisma Frames retailer, then you rock and we hope this tool will prove to be something you cannot live without.

If you are a custom framing retail shop and would like to become an authorized Prisma Frames retailer, please contact your local Bella Moulding Sales Representative or contact our friendly Customer Service Staff at 888-248-6545 or via email from our Contact Us page.

If you are retail customer interested in ordering a custom Prisma Frame, you can use our Find A Prisma Framer tool to find a Prisma frame shop near you.

We hope you enjoy the experience of designing your beautiful custom seamless corner acrylic frame with the Prisma Visualizer and then see your design become a reality hanging on the wall.

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Visiting Spain and Italy to bring you the best

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