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New Prisma 2019 - Part 1

New Prisma 2019 - Part 1

You can already customize a Prisma frame over a million ways with our 46 colors, 19 patterns and 9 shapes, but that's not nearly enough! More! We need more! For your custom seamless acrylic frame designing pleasure in 2019, we present two new Prisma colors and three new Prisma patterns.

In this blog we review the two new colors and the new linear pattern, Zig Zag.




New for 2019 are two inviting and energetic colors. Basil is a leafy herbal green rooted in reality and nature which adds a snap of vitality to our range of green options. Piñata is no shrinking violet, but a sassy vibrant red-orange which some might call “roarange”. Both of these tones are featured in the Color Marketing Group’s most recent color trend forecasts.

The new Basil pairs well with our other green options (Kermit, Grass, Lime and Celery) for a bright monochromatic look. Piñata looks fantastic with both complimentary and contrasting colors of the same tropical flavor, like Violet, Basil, Fuchsia, Admiral and Robins Egg.

Requests for color chips on the Crystal acrylic or Sea acrylic or both can be made through your sales rep or customer service.

If you use our display boards for your color chip samples then you know there are not enough openings for more color chips. Our recommendation is to remove the random pattern chips, the clear chips and the color chips for eggshell and pistachio. You can then work in the new colors in your favorite order or use our suggestions on this handy pdf. Download the new chip layout pdf.



Not long after early humans learned how to leave their mark with the simplest line, the zigzag was conceived as perhaps our oldest style of ornament. Shells recently found on Java, which were adorned half a million years ago (!!!) by Homo eructus, with a zigzag pattern are the first known example of a human engraving an object for design.


A Zig Zag can symbolize water or lightening or this confusing wandering path we call life. You will find this design element across art history from the Egyptians, Greeks, ancient Puebloans, and the Navajo. It’s a pattern you all know from your grandmother’s afghans, your favorite sweater from third grade or Charlie Brown in the Peanuts comic strip.

I love the thought that we still identify with this ancient almost primitive design element from the earliest days of man. Good thing we’ve come a long way from scratching into shell by hand to etching with computerized precision into acrylic for home decorating pleasure.


Our new Prisma Zig Zag pattern is available in two versions - Narrow or Wide. The difference between the two is the amount of spacing between the zig zag lines. All the finished samples in this blog use the Narrow Zig Zag. You can see the wider version in the blue corner sample below.


When ordering this pattern, it is necessary to specify which direction you would like the pattern to run in respect to your frame. We consider the Vertical orientation to have the peaks and valleys running, well, vertical - as drawn below.


Corner samples are available now for order. See the exact specs and options on this pdf. And we have also updated our Gallery Sample program for 2019 which includes the 1968 Mexico Olympics poster featured at the top of this blog. See all the updated Gallery Sample options here.

HOW TO ORDER NEW PRISMA PATTERNS - The good news and the bad news.

The good news is that the new patterns and colors are available for order immediately on any Prisma custom frame. Corner samples and color chips can be requested through your sales rep or Bella customer service.

The bad news is that these patterns and colors are not yet available as selections on the Prisma Visualization software. We are equally (if not even a bit more) frustrated by this and have got our developers chained to their workstations. We expect everything with the Visualizer to be back up to speed by the fall. You’ll be the first to know!!

Happy Prisma Designing and Framing!

Prisma Additions 2019 - Part 2

Prisma Additions 2019 - Part 2

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