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Prisma Additions 2019 - Part 2

Prisma Additions 2019 - Part 2

You can already customize a Prisma frame over a million ways with our 46 colors, 19 patterns and 9 shapes, but that's not nearly enough! More! We still need more! For your custom seamless acrylic frame designing pleasure in 2019, we present two new Prisma colors and three new Prisma patterns.

In this blog post we present two new geometric patterns, Mermaid and Morocco.


“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” 

Anais Nin


The new Prisma Mermaid is based on a traditional geometric pattern of overlapping circles forming arches which resemble waves or fish scales. This iconic pattern appears in early designs from Ancient Egypt and Persia. The arc shape of this pattern was used to denote seas on ancient Chinese maps and is regarded in Japanese culture as a lucky and auspicious design symbolizing strength and resilience.

Mermaid is available in two “scales” - Large and Small. When you order Mermaid, make sure to indicate the orientation for the pattern to be applied on the frame. We consider the rounded arch at the top to be the Vertical orientation as shown below.


Corner samples of the Mermaid are available for order now. The Prisma Mermaid is perfect for nautical images, Japanese prints and textiles, fishing trophies, Godzilla posters and fantasy genre artwork of all ilks.


We found the great Mermaid Barbie print used for our sample here. Have fun shopping!




The new Prisma Morocco pattern is based on traditional geometric trellis design made with a combination of the ogee and quatrefoil shapes. The shape has a deeply rooted history and was heavily used in the Gothic style of the 14th and 15th centuries.  Although it is a common characteristic of European architecture, this style of ogee shape was first made popular in the Middle East.

This Moroccan trellis pattern is seeing a resurgence in popularity because it can function within a variety of styles. It appeals to those who like a clean, geometric, modern look while at the same time speaking to those who favor the more ornamental and baroque styles of the past. Moroccan shapes and designs showcase bright, magnetic colors, intricate patterns, and layer upon layer of texture that can elevate any environment.  Today designers often use this classical yet whimsical pattern to add beautiful texture to decor surfaces from fabrics to wall coverings.


Use the Prisma Morocco on travel themed art or antique prints. We think this flowing pattern would also make a super mirror frame for the bathroom or bedroom. The piece below is one of our first custom orders for this pattern, paired brilliantly with a limited edition print by Howard Harrison, designed by Valerie Solaas of Around the Edge Unlimited, Inc in West Palm Beach. Valerie didn’t have her corner samples yet. Luckily our sales rep walked in while the art was out on the design counter. Kismet!


Corner samples of our new patterns are available now for order. See the exact specs and options on this pdf. And we have also updated our Gallery Sample Program for 2019 which includes the abstract quatrefoil image featured at the top of this section. See all the updated Gallery Sample options here.


HOW TO ORDER NEW PRISMA PATTERNS - The good news and the bad news.

The good news is that the new patterns and colors are available for order immediately on any Prisma custom frame. Corner samples and color chips can be requested through your sales rep or Bella customer service.

The bad news is that these patterns and colors are not yet available as selections on the Prisma Visualization software. We are equally (if not even a bit more) frustrated by this and have got our developers chained to their workstations. We expect everything with the Visualizer to be back up to speed by the fall. You’ll be the first to know!!

Thanks and Happy Prisma Designing and Framing!

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