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Problems Visualizing?

Problems Visualizing?

With over a billion combinations of patterns, colors, finishes, shapes, face widths, acrylic types, and more it can quickly become overwhelming and challenging for the frame shop to convince their customer that purchasing that Prisma custom acrylic frame is the right choice. That's why we developed the Prisma Visualizer digital tool which allows the consumer to envision what the finished frame design will look like with their artwork. It’s been almost 3 years since we launched the Prisma Visualizer and it has proved to be an invaluable tool and helped you to sell thousands of custom Prisma frames. Well, a lot of things can change in three years and the world wide web is certainly one of them!


Recently it was announced that the online application, Adobe Flash, will no longer be developed or supported and is in fact on the way to becoming completely obsolete. Unfortunately, the Prisma Visualizer was created with Flash. Earlier this summer, most web browsers started to block Flash as their new default setting. Have you seen this message when trying to use the Visualizer?


Uh oh. We have too!  When we click on the "Use Non-Flash Customizer" button it takes us nowhere. We next made sure our browser was up-to-date—and it was. Our reaction was – “Oh no! What do we do about this?”.

After discussion with our web team, we discovered that Flash was automatically being blocked by our browser - in anticipation of it's obsolescence. But all hope is not lost.  We did a quick search and found we could turn Flash back on through the settings of the web browser. Here’s how! Click on the name of the browser you are using for step-by-step instructions on how to re-enable Flash;

Chrome - Windows   Mac
Internet Explorer
Firefox - Windows   Mac

Once you have “allowed” Flash to run on your browser again, you will be able to once again visualize your designs with your customer and place your orders directly through the Visualizer for a seamless sale! 

Your customers can use the Visualizer at home to pre-shop and you, as a Prisma customer, will have access to pricing through the Visualizer and be able to place your orders directly through the program. If you do not yet have a login for bellamoulding.com, setting one up is easy! Simply send an email to sales@bellamoulding.com and one of our terrific customer service team members will assist you in getting one set up!  


You may be wondering what our plan is with the future of Flash looking so bleak?  We are working with the developer of the Prisma Frames Visualizer to move the platform to HTML5 (the preferred web design/development language) with plans to have this move completed early in 2018.  With the move to HTML5 will come compatibility with mobile devices such as IPad and tablets; an exciting development which we are over the moon excited about!  While we wait a few months for the new and improved, by going through the few clicks outlined above, you will still be able to use the current Flash version of the Prisma Frame Visualizer.

If you prefer to sell without the Visualizer for now or to get pricing with your own custom mark-up, simply send us an email or give one of our team members a call at 888-248-6545 to request the most up-to-date Prisma Frames Pricing Calculator (v5.1.2). The calculator runs on Excel, has current pricing, all of the most recent pattern introductions, and all new colors!

If you are not yet a Prisma Frames customer, you can get started today! Your local sales representative or the Customer Service Team can guide you in getting your sample sets ordered.


Frame on and we hope to see in Vegas at WCAF 2018 in January!

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