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New Bella Summer 2018 - Part 2

New Bella Summer 2018 - Part 2

Welcome to the exciting Summer 2018 new collections launch! We have 4 completely new lines plus expansions to the Calzini line and the recently introduced Bernini collection. We look forward to showing you a range of new framing options to thrill your customers in our series of posts.

Today we reveal an addition to the Bernini collection which debuted just last January as a very petite 4 item intro. We're very excited about these new unique ornate boutique creations.


"What Shakespeare is to drama, Bernini may be to sculpture".  - art scholar


Our Bernini's are named after the famed Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598 -1680). While a major figure in the world of architecture, he was regarded as the leading sculptor of his age. He is credited with creating and defining the signature excessive ornamentation of the Baroque style. 

The eight additions to the collection are deeply rooted in the rich ornament and smoky romantic color palette of the Baroque period. One profile is  caked with filigree detail while the other features a Greek key or Meander motif. The pattern takes its name from the winding path of the river Meander in ancient Greece. Implying infinity or the eternal flow of the universe, it became the most important symbol in Ancient Greece and remains an infinitely important motif in modern decorating.

Use each Bernini moulding separately or stack them by color pairs as we intended in true riotous Baroque fashion. The Baroque framer scoffs at Mies Van der Rohe's philosophy "Less is more". More is where it's at!


The original four Bernini items (pictured below) are comprised of three Italianate colors hand-applied over gold-leaf plus a lovely vintage sterling silver finish. 

Baroque influences abound today in all manner of home, fashion and hospitality decor. These classical influences are often combined with or are fashioned out of very modern materials like acrylic. We celebrate these juicy juxtapositions and reinterpretations of past ideals.

Designing with these frames, one can stick to the classics or use them to create interesting combinations of contemporary art and traditional framing. Come on, let's all go for Baroque! 

View the full Bernini collection here.

Be inspired by Bernini on Pinterest.

Be sure to check out last week's blog on our new Monaco line, if you missed it. As always, contact our helpful customer service staff for all moulding inquiries, design tips and to request your Bernini corner samples today. Stay tuned for even more new Bella summer very soon!

Happy framing! 

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