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New Bella Summer 2018 - Part 3

New Bella Summer 2018 - Part 3

Welcome to the Summer 2018 new collections launch! Enjoy 4 brand new lines plus expansions to Calzini and the recently introduced Bernini collection. We look forward to showing you a brand new range of luscious, innovative framing options to thrill you and your customers.

Today's blog introduces Våris; a line inspired by Nordic design, culture, and icy landscapes. 


"Varje moln har en silverkant." - Swedish proverb 

(Translation: Every cloud has a silver lining.)


Våris is Swedish for "spring ice" and describes the specific textural quality of a frozen lake under bright spring sunlight.  "Spring Ice" is just one of at least 50 Swedish terms to describe the various particular attributes of ice and snow. I imagine correct ice evaluation and terminology would be an important life skill in any Scandi-winter wonderland. It is this landscape of cold ice and bright warm sunshine that informs the Våris collection.

Våris also reminds us of our literary and Netflix-streaming crush on Nordic Noir detective mysteries. The genre paints an exotic picture of the large and sparsely populated landscapes of the north; a land with extensive forests, deep lakes, and wide mountain tracts—where wolves, moose, reindeer, and perhaps even polar bears roam. Contributing to the exoticism are the long, cold, and dark winters and the eternal summer days with midnight suns. 

It's only natural that the natural elements and scenery of the north would also inform Nordic design and home decor. Våris plays beautifully with streamlined modern Scandi decor and will contribute to any home's sense of Hygge, Lykke or Lagom.


The Våris collection consists of two looks; a subdued autumnal color range and two flat profiles in black or white, all with an underlying glimmer of silver. 

The clean sleek black and white Våris look great with bright colorful prints while the texture and color of the thin cap profiles is perfect with dramatic landscapes and textiles.

View the full Våris collection here.

Be inspired by Våris on Pinterest.

Be sure to check out the previous blogs on our new Monaco and Bernini. As always, contact our helpful customer service staff for all moulding inquiries, design tips and to request your Våris corner samples today. Stay tuned for even more new Bella summer very soon!

Happy framing! 


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