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New Bella Summer 2019 - Part 2

New Bella Summer 2019 - Part 2

Welcome to the Summer 2019 new collections launch! We are debuting four completely new lines plus fantastic additions to four existing lines. With modern golds and silvers, unique hand-finished textures and shabby chic rusty ornate, there’s something to thrill everyone and most importantly to thrill your customers.

Our featured frames today are expansions to two beautiful collections born out of rust and ashes. Introducing Stanley and Vesuvio.

STANLEY: part 3


Our Stanley line launched in 2017 in simple block profiles. In 2018 we added new colors plus floaters. Now for 2019, we present four of the most popular rusty tones applied to a classic ornate design . It’s the softer side or the “fancy” Stanley.


The Stanley Works company has been cranking out quality hand tools since 1847 and chances are you all have a Stanley within 10 feet of you as you read this. They’ve been there for you when you needed to change your oil, level a picture or open all those Bella Moulding boxes. These trusty tools end up hanging around workshops gathering texture and patina. From the caked grease on a cement floor and rusted-out paint jobs to the tones of raw corton steel; Stanley celebrates the art amidst the grunge.

All completely painted by hand in Italy on finger-joined pine, the original Stanley comes in an exaggerated deep cap, a steep modern angle, a textured floater profile and a “big boy” modern block.


Stanley frames are perfectly “tooled” to frame memorabilia from Route 66 but can also be sophisticated enough to travel Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive. Use Stanley on modern paintings and photography. This new ornate profile is particularly suited for portraits and mirrors in modern spaces.

All completely painted by hand in Italy on finger-jointed pine, the original Stanley comes in an exaggerated deep cap, a steep modern angle, a textured floater profile and a “big boy” modern block.




Mount Vesuvius, on the Gulf of Naples about 6 miles from the city center, is best known for its eruption in 79 AD which completely buried the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Today, it is regarded as one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world due to the population of 3,000,000 people living in its shadow. 

It's famously been said, "See Naples and Die" which refers to the splendor of the city in its golden age. The Kingdom of Naples, as those on a Grand Tour in the 1850's would have known it, was a powerhouse rich with art and architecture. From the rich cultural past and the modern chaos of Naples, springs beautiful picture frame mouldings.


The profile of our four item 2019 addition follows the same swooping curve as its namesake volcano with metallic finishes of antiqued foil.

The original Vesuvio collection (below) follows the same gentle swan curve with a linear pattern of cracks and crevices filled with a patina like so much molten ash. 

The ample rabbet depth (13/16”) makes the new Vesuvio profile perfect for canvas or dimensional collectibles. It’s a dependable bread and butter item for poster art, documents and photography.




Keep an eye out for new beautiful Bella glitter stickers with your new corner sample boxes - inside and out. Just a small gesture in celebration of beautiful framing, all life's beautiful moments and to remind each other to look for and nurture the beautiful on the inside.

Take a snapshot of your shiny new samples and share your most beautiful moments with us! Tag us @bellamoulding #bellabeautiful #bellamoulding #frameitlikeyoumeanit

We’re just getting warmed up with the summer launch. Watch for parts 3 and 4 with more new 2019 Bella coming soon. As always, contact our helpful customer service staff with inquiries and requests.

Happy framing!

New Bella Summer 2019 - Part 3

New Bella Summer 2019 - Part 3

New Bella Summer 2019 - Part 1

New Bella Summer 2019 - Part 1