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New Bella Summer 2019 - Part 3

New Bella Summer 2019 - Part 3

Welcome to the Summer 2019 new collections launch! We are debuting four completely new lines plus fantastic additions to four existing lines. With modern golds and silvers, unique hand-finished textures and shabby chic rusty ornate, there’s something to thrill everyone and most importantly to thrill your customers.

Our featured frames today are full of worldly sophistication. Introducing Mondano and new additions to Trinity.



So temperatures in Chicago this summer have risen to above 90 and even 100, but remember that time we had to close the Bella offices in January due to the extreme “Chiberia” freezing temperatures? Well, we had a lot of cabin fever time on our hands to stare out the window at the ice and snow. And here’s how those thoughts drifted into a new line inspired by winter in the city.

Trinity comes in on the tail of two other lines inspired by ice and cold northern places; Varis and Aurora. Our Trinity collection proves that the best things come in threes - like the three stages of a winter wonderland; the purity of newly fallen snow, the wind-blown drama of drifting snow and the eventual dirty city sidewalk snow.


The natural, distressed surfaces of Trinity meld well with coastal style – think neutral hues, white washed surfaces and organic texture. The silver-leafed lip highlight dresses the look up to fit a more high fashion modern style as well.


The new Trinity are entirely hand-finished in Italy. The three finishes are achieved by layering wax and paint with various levels of distressing. Each finish is available in 2 3/4” and 1 9/16” face profile.


These new fallen frames are in addition to the original Trinity of tailored grey-toned frames also with silver accents pictured below. (Note: Sadly the lightest color was discontinued by the vendor, breaking up the perfect set of three.)


Trinity looks great with architectural photography, portraits, black and white prints and contemporary art.

View the full Trinity collection here.

Be inspired by Trinity on Pinterest.



Mondano (“worldly” in Italian) is a well-rounded collection of bread and butter metallics in three profiles ranging from traditional to modern. You can choose which world you’d like to inhabit - Old, Middle or New - or curate a combination of all three.

The Mondano Old World is a rounded profile suitable for traditional spaces. In addition to antique gold, silver and pewter, we’ve added a dutch black with gold or silver accent. Mondano Old World is perfect for antique maps, documents or paintings of the classics.


The Middle World is a profile that modernizes the old world curve but is taller with straighter lines and a mid-century modern or Bauhaus vibe. Available in warm silver, gold, pewter and a vintage black.


The New World is all about the sleek no-nonsense modern angle. The sides of the profile are wood-toned to add warmth to the modern home, office or home office. Mondano New World looks great with diplomas and contemporary photography.


All three worlds of Mondano frames are foil finished on finger-joined pine for the highest level of consistency and a lower ticket price when compared to hand-finished items.


With Mondano, you’re ready to take your customers on an adventure through the world of framing. Don’t be afraid to time-travel between worlds and mix these styles together. Using a selection of Mondano profiles together is an interesting choice for any transitional gallery wall or collection of images.




Keep an eye out for new beautiful Bella glitter stickers with your new corner sample boxes - inside and out. Just a small gesture in celebration of beautiful framing, all life's beautiful moments and to remind each other to look for and nurture the beautiful on the inside.

Take a snapshot of your shiny new samples and share your most beautiful moments with us! Tag us @bellamoulding #bellabeautiful #bellamoulding #frameitlikeyoumeanit

We’re almost through the summer launch. Watch for part 4 of new for 2019 Bella coming soon. As always, contact our helpful customer service staff with inquiries and requests.

Happy framing!


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