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New Bella 2018 - Part 6

New Bella 2018 - Part 6

Welcome to the exciting Winter 2018 new collections launch! There's so much to show you, we've divided the excitement into a six part mini-series of introductory posts. 

Thanks again for following along. This, our last edition of the intro blogs, features additions to previous collections! We're talking about them last but that does not make them least! 

Travel with us again to the craft markets of Oaxaca and tune up your Stanley collection.



Oaxaca (pronounced wə-HAH-kə) is a region of Mexico well-known for its wealth of culture. It's the creative tourist’s dream destination rich in arts and crafts, dance and music. The distinctive hand-made sensibility of the black pottery style from this region inspired this line of mouldings originally introduced in 2015. 

The original introduction of Oaxaca is available in a ceramic black finish, bright silver reminiscent of Mexican sterling jewelry and a bright gold like the treasures sought by Coronado and his conquistadors.  The line is gesso coated and foiled creating rich textures that are very well-priced.

Our 2018 additions play up the geometric patterns and textures of the Mexican textile and ceramic styles even more.


Pair Oaxaca with etchings, works on canvas, photography, and any art that could use a little texture to make it look it's best. The depth on the profile is great for collections of medals, textiles or other interesting frame-worthy objects.

See the full Oaxaca collection here.

Be inspired by Oaxaca on Pinterest.



The Stanley Works company has been cranking out quality hand tools since 1847 and chances are you all have a Stanley within 10 feet of you as you read this. They’ve been there for you when you needed to change your oil, level a picture or open all those Bella Moulding boxes. Built to last, these trusty tools end up hanging around workshops gathering texture and rusty patinas that have inspired our hand-finished tones.  From the murky grey of caked grease on a cement floor, the perfect teal patina of oxidized rust and the contemporary tones of raw rusted corton steel; Stanley celebrates the art amidst the grunge.

All completely finished by hand in Italy on finger-joined pine, Stanley comes in an exaggerated deep cap, a steep modern angle and a textured floater profile. This 2018 line expansion adds a super chunky big boy block in the Rusted Corton Steel, Rusted Highway Sign White and Rusted Pickup Grey finishes. 


Stanley frames are perfectly “tooled” to frame memorabilia from Route 66 but can also be sophisticated enough to travel Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive. Use Stanley on modern paintings and photography and mirrors to accent modern loft spaces.

View the full Stanley collection here.

Be inspired by Stanley on our Pinterest page.

Sample orders for all these new items can be placed by contacting Bella Customer Service or your regional Sales Rep. Thank you for your business and your enthusiasm. We love bringing beautiful framing to you and your customers. You framing rock stars are doing some amazing things with our products. Please continue to share and tag us on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. 

As always, contact our helpful customer service staff with any inquiries and requests. Happy framing!

Early Summer Creations Winner!

Early Summer Creations Winner!

New Bella 2018 - Part 5

New Bella 2018 - Part 5