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New Bella Winter 19 - Part 2

New Bella Winter 19 - Part 2

Welcome to the exciting Winter 2019 new collections launch! We debuted 8 completely new lines plus an expansion to the existing Aida collection at the WCAF in January. With basic golds and silvers, refined barn woods and extremely ornate gilded, there’s something for everyone in the launch. In the coming weeks we'll show you all the new options you can have on hand to thrill your customers.

This edition debuts two metallic options - one ultra-streamlined moderne and the other shining like the brilliant golden palaces of Louis XIV. Introducing Porter and Marie.


“Less is a bore.” - Robert Venturi

“I am terrified of being bored.” - Marie Antoinette

I don’t think Marie Antoinette would be bored with the bright golds of our Italian hand-gilded collection. Our Marie line pays homage to the French Queen’s pleasure playground, the Hameau de la Reine, while also dipping its toe into the maximalist decor trend.

The palace at Versailles was already the height of glitz and glam due to the tastes of the Sun King, Louis XIV, when Marie joined the family by marrying Louis XVI. In accordance with aristocratic fashion of the day, Marie transformed the arboretum at Versailles into a picturesque model of a rural French hamlet. Her pleasure park included a farmhouse, barn, dairy, dovecote, working mill and a classical “Temple of Love” with everything surrounded by curated lakes, woodlands, and streams to appear as if deep in the countryside and not on the grounds of a luxurious palace.

The Hameau was a retreat from the demands of court life where Marie and her closest friends could “get away from it all” and play at being peasants while “tending” to the farm. Each building was decorated with a garden or an orchard teeming with fragrant shrubs and flowers.

To create our Marie, we’ve taken the organic motifs - ruffles, berries and foliage - from the fantasy countryside garden and then gold-leafed everything in the signature lavish Rococo maximalist style of the French court.


The Marie collection embodies two basic tenets of contemporary maximalist decor - the more the better and the striving for personalization over perfection. Maximalism may seem to be visual cacophony but it is never chaos. The style is defined by charming eccentricity, gorgeous excess and layers of intricate pattern on pattern. Maximalism is the best of both worlds, combining with abandon our most comfortable decor with our favorite colors and accessories. Maximalism says “you do you” and don’t hold back.


Marie frames are completely hand-finished and gold leafed in Italy. The 3” wide boisterous berry pattern comes in both a brilliant and a muted vintage gold. The smaller ruffled profile is washed in five royal colors. Pair Marie with oil portraits, botanicals, maps, contemporary prints and anything that could use a flourish.




We’re leaving Marie Antoinette behind and heading full steam ahead into the Silver Age of rail transportation. Porter is a small collection of three profiles in two mixed metallic finishes.

Streamline Moderne is a style of Art Deco inspired by aerodynamic design. Streamlining in architecture or industrial design emphasizes curves and long horizontal lines to give an impression of sleekness and modernity. Much like a streamlined car or train from the 1930s, our gold Porters have prominent striped accents of silver and the silver Porters have highlights of gold.

Streamline moderne design debuted in the United States at the 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair. New steam engine and automobile models adapted the smooth lines, to give the impression of efficiency, dynamism, and speed. Classic high speed streamliner trains - and the Pullman Porters who served on them - were prevalent from the 1930s to 1950s. Train magnates were adopting the style to make train travel seem sexier in order to compete with the growing personal automobile market.

Our collection of three graceful curved and linear profiles in silver and gold reflect a hint of Art Deco but also have a timeless classic look. The contrasting silver and gold lines make the silver finish a bit warmer and the gold finish a bit cooler and thus more versatile. But this isn’t a case of “you got chocolate in my peanut butter”. Mixing your metals is the way to be these days to add visual interest and depth to any space - and any frame!


Use the luxe and glamorous look of Porter on collectible documents, diplomas, wedding invitations, family photography, landscapes and portraits. It’s the perfect frame for anything that needs something a little formal or traditional but can still satisfy the playful and eclectic customer.


We’re almost halfway through our new items. Did you catch the previous blog on the refined wood grain of Harbour and the dainty beaded detail of Bijou?

Watch for much more new Bella and Prisma coming soon. As always, contact our helpful customer service staff with inquiries and requests.

Happy framing!

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