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New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 3

New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 3

Welcome to the exciting Winter 2019 new collections launch! We debuted 8 completely new lines plus an expansion to the existing Aida collection at the WCAF in January. With basic metallics, refined barn woods and extreme gilded ornate, there’s something for everyone in the launch. In the coming weeks we're showing you all the new options you can have on hand to thrill your customers.

This new collection is nature inspired. Introducing Abalone.


“Success comes in waves.” - Guy Pearce


Abalone is a collection inspired by the sea. The namesake abalone gastropod lives all over the world and is cherished for the brilliant pearlescent interior of its shell. Abalone is a culinary delicacy in some cultures while the shell (aka Mother-of-Pearl) is appreciated everywhere for its beauty as a symbol of tranquility and clarity. Abalone shell is used for jewelry, buttons, accessories and is a beautiful natural home accent.

Just like listening to the sound of the ocean can calm the mind, the incorporation of natural textures into a space achieves the same sense of peace and comfort. Shells are such a great element to include in earthy, beach or sea-inspired interiors.

Our Abalone collection comes in two styles. The first has a woodgrain-esque pattern on a scoop profile that is available in two widths - 1 1/4” and 2 1/2”. The wider version comes in a gold, silver, lavender and rich blue. The thinner profile is also available in a light green and a lighter bright blue.


The second Abalone profile has an undulating organic pattern that mimics the texture of a sea shell, the ripples in water or the waves on the beach. This companion waved profile includes 8 tones in a thin 1/2” wide version and gold and silver in 1” wide.


Abalone frames are gold, copper or silver leafed and completely hand-finished in Italy. There are touches of the layer of orange clay bole underneath the leafing which come through in spots due to the hand-finishing process. This will occur randomly and adds to the versatility and gives movement to the frame. See example below.


Make waves with Abalone on fine art, watercolors, botanicals and portraits. The tiny wave profile is an amazing inside accent for stacked designs. Also many other petite Bella items look great inside the Abalone scoop, like the Tiny Copper Flame Raku below or the Tiny Oro Rosa Brancusi in the hero image at the top of this page.


We’re just half way through the new items. Watch for more new Bella and also new design options in Prisma. As always, contact our helpful customer service staff with inquiries and requests.

Happy framing!

New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 4

New Bella Winter 2019 - Part 4

New Bella Winter 19 - Part 2

New Bella Winter 19 - Part 2